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Take a breather

There are so many of you out there who are working around the clock to keep our communities safe and taken care of during a global pandemic.  The least I can do is give your mind a little place to go.

This is a small and limited line of 5x7 Watercolors made with the ideas of empathy and emotion in mind.  There's not much to them but enough to reflect on.  Just please take your time and enjoy a quick look.

That said, if you are a nurse who needs a watercolor to look forward to, send me a message.  I'm not charging for these occupations, just let me know the number of the painting you want.

If you like and want to support this idea and are not in the medical field, feel free to purchase one outright or donate at the link in the footer.  It helps with material cost and time spent so I can continue to make more.  

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